You are currently viewing Channel Letters Sign Package for Fig and Roselawn at LS Urban in Los Angeles

Channel Letters Sign Package for Fig and Roselawn at LS Urban in Los Angeles

Part of our channel letters sign package  for LS Urban in Los Angeles, that also includes a blade sign and vinyl address lettering. These backlit reverse channel letters highlight the entire building and show off Fig and Roselawn’s brand. So it will draw in customers due to the branding’s visibility!

Put Your Building on the Map with Channel Letters Sign Package

A building package should include all the essential signage for your establishment. Property managers and tenants alike should have all their signage needs met. And as they come in a package, the sign maker can calibrate them precisely so that their manufacture will be of consistent quality.

Likewise, their visual design and placement should compliment one another. Overall, the property manager’s building – commercial space, apartment, or condominium – should be visible. But at the same time, the tenants’ brands will also be visible and boosted. All these business signs won’t overwhelm each other but present a tapestry of branding that will attract potential customers.

Otherwise, an haphazard branding strategy will result in an uncoordinated array of signs that will be an eyesore and turn customers away or make it hard for them to see what they’re looking for.

So get the right building signs for the job. Put your business on the map! Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

LS Urban is an entrepreneurial real estate investment company operating in the Southern California area.