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Vibrant lightbox sign promoting Collective Chiropractor

Collective Chiropractor Lightbox & Window Decal Simi Valley

Is the pain of getting noticed in your busy town aching your mind? Would you appreciate a way to attract new clients at an affordable cost? Would full-service signage solutions appeal to your busy schedule? Do you like lightbox signs and window decals?

Collective Chiropractor wanted exactly that and helped realize their brand and business value. Our Premium Sign Solutions team recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Porter, a holistic chiropractor with a passion for improving the health of our community. 

Driven by a mission to empower her patients through education and inspire innate healing and hope. Dr. Porter’s goal is to develop the true health potential of the families she serves. We’re excited to help them promote their practice with professional signage, our fantastic light boxes and window stickers.

By focusing on the individual rather than just pain or disease, Dr. Porter and her team help patients achieve their personal health goals. We tried to capture this unique approach in their custom signage. They believe chiropractic can strengthen families and communities and create a better future. 

We suggested a lightbox sign as we see it as a simple way for 24/7 visibility. Collective Chiropractor aligned their vision with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Porter’s approach embraces vitalism and recognizes the dynamic aspects of the human being.


Eye-catching window decal showcasing holistic chiropractic
Eye-catching window decal showcasing holistic chiropractic

Lightbox and Window Decal Signage

Lightbox Sign

At 23.75 inches tall and 197 inches wide, the Light Box Sign is an eye-catching professional signage that will attract new customers. Digitally printed from ⅛ inch thick white Lexan, this sign is durable and professional looking. 

The 18 inch diameter sign is clear and bold, impressing passers-by. The sign’s letter height is 8 inches to ensure the clinic’s information is clearly visible. This will effectively communicate Dr. Porter’s holistic approach to healthcare with outdoor advertising.

Window Decal

Dr.’s window stickers are 24 inches in diameter Porter effectively attracts attention. Decals are made from digitally printed white vinyl for exceptional clarity and durability. It increases the visual appeal of the clinic windows, effectively promoting the doctor’s visibility. Porter’s holistic chiropractic approach attracts potential passing patients.

Vibrant lightbox sign promoting Collective Chiropractor
Vibrant lightbox sign promoting Collective Chiropractor

Effective Signage Offers Numerous Benefits for Health Practices 

At Premium Sign Solutions, we know how important it is to get the Dr.’s message across. Dr. Porter communicates effectively with her communities. Through our professionally designed light boxes and window decals, we hope to help her reconnect her patients with their body’s purpose and become their best advocate for their health. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide custom signage solutions that have earned the active and professional trust of Dr. Porter. We look forward to continuing our partnership to bring better health to their patients.

Knownness and Brand:

Well-designed professional signage increases awareness, and enhances brand recognition, attracting the attention of potential patients and setting your practice apart from the competition with outdoor advertising.

Information and Education:

Signage can provide important information about your clinic’s services, specialties and unique characteristics, helping patients understand the value of what you provide and conveying educational messages about health and well-being.

Trust and professionalism:

High-quality signage communicates professionalism and builds trust among patients. It makes a positive first impression with custom signage and shows that your practice is serious and committed to providing quality care.

Direction and Guidance:

Clear signage helps patients navigate your facility, reducing confusion and improving their overall experience. It guides you to reception areas, exam rooms and other key locations in your practice.

Community Engagement: 

Signage can play a vital role in engaging the local community. Promoting events, initiatives and partnerships through signage helps build your practice as an active participant in community health and fosters positive relationships.

By leveraging these strengths, effective signage can be an invaluable asset in attracting new patients, building trust, and establishing healthcare practices as community leaders.


Engaging window decal capturing attention and curiosity
Engaging window decal capturing attention and curiosity

Final Thoughts on Lightbox Signs and Window Decals 

At Premium Sign Solutions, we understand the importance of effective signage for healthcare practices like Dr.’s. Potter’s. Our light box sign and window decal solutions provide superior visibility, professionalism and the ability to communicate important messages. 

By partnering with us, you can strengthen your practice’s brand, attract more patients, and build a strong presence in your community. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your signage and help you achieve your health goals. Let us embark on this journey together to benefit your practice.

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