Custom Banners on Pylon Signs for Total Testing Solutions in North Hollywood

Yo we heard you needed a sign so we placed a sign on your sign! Signage solutions can get creative too, such as this custom banner for Total Testing Solutions’ North Hollywood location. For this, we wrapped an existing lightbox with a banner, to use the pylon sign’s vantage point to the banner’s advantage. It fits like a glove!

Custom Banners Can Go Almost Anywhere

For this custom banner for Total Testing Solutions' North Hollywood location we wrapped an existing lightbox with to use the pylon sign's vantage point to the banner's advantage. It fits like a glove!We weren’t kidding when we said that banners can be placed in all sorts of locations. That’s one of its advantages, along with the relative ease of banner fabrication. So you can make it in no time. And you can position it in a variety of sites, like indoors, outdoors, or on other existing signage like the pylon sign. Innovate and adapt, as they say.

For Total Testing Solutions, this custom banner we made for them is part of a sign package that includes other displays. With these, the medical facility can announce the availability of COVID-19 tests, including testing solutions for businesses. This is a vital service so it is crucial to get the word out. So we are glad that our signage can help raise awareness, helping not only TTS but also the community.

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About the Client

Total Testing Solutions is a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to providing access to testing for local businesses.