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Custom Metal Sign for DARX in Los Angeles

This is the result of our Pantone Color Matching, a new custom metal sign for DARX in Los Angeles. After all, an architecture firm should look stylish – and our studio sign will do just that.

Color Matched Custom Metal Signs to Boost Your Brand

Need signage with just the right color for your business? With our Pantone Color Matching service, you know the results will be consistent with the planned design. And with a custom metal sign like the one we fabricated for DARX, your display will be as durable as it is eye-catching. You don’t want signage that “looks off” because the color is subtly inconsistent with the rest of your branding. So don’t settle for less, go for the premium choice in high-quality signs!

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About the Client

DARX is a Los Angeles-based architectural studio owned by Oren Dothan.