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Metal Storefront Sign for Teressa Foglia in Malibu

We just installed the outdoor signage we fabricated for Teressa Foglia in Malibu. With its ideal positioning, their new metal storefront sign will have maximum visibility.  So it’ll be seen by customers and everyone passing by!

Durable, Eye-Catching and Perfectly-Positioned Storefront Signs

Teressa Foglia’s display is a wonderful example of how quality signage combines high-grade construction, visually attractive design and optimal placement for maximum effect. You want your metal storefront sign to really stand out. So take advantage of the sign’s durability and eye-catching look by placing it on a really scenic spot.  Likewise, this will compliment your establishment’s overall look. This will help put your business on the map!

So, need a business sign to really beautify your storefront? Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Teressa Foglia offers quality over quantity, hand-made headwear superior to mass-made ones, for standing out is always better than blending in.