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Custom Restaurant Signs for Cinnabon in Torrance

More of the Cinnabon business sign package, in collaboration with TubeArt. This time it is a pair of custom restaurant signs for their branch in Del Amo Mall in Torrance. So we installed acrylic letters reading “Bake Shop” and pasty glass design piece with the image on a frosted bun printed on the acrylic panel. The adorable pastry sign will definitely catch the eye and draw in customers.

Give Customers Munchies with Custom Restaurant Signs

Do you know your customers? Yes? So that means you know what they are looking for. In Cinnabon’s case, they know their completely understandable cravings for pastries. Hence the signage displaying “Bake Shop” visibly for all to see. Likewise with the glass sign in the form of their delectable sugar buns. The sight of these will surely make pastry fiends’ mouths water. And of course they will be smelling the aroma of all the freshly baked buns and rolls.

Businesses should consider how their branding and their signage represents their products or services. What is the allure or draw of your brand? What is being offered? How can branding and signage best reflect this and play off the brand’s appeal? Restaurants and bakeries do this by having their signs play to their customers’ appetites. So find out what is your equivalent of Cinnabon’s irresistible sugar buns and embody it with signage.

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About the Client

Cinnabon is everyone’s favorite restaurant chain offering delicious cinnamon rolls and other baked goods.