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Dimensional Lobby Sign for Lucky Day in Beverly Hills

This dimensional lobby sign we made for Lucky Day is quality work. The black acrylic makes it look sleek while presenting the brand logo. The top hat and mustache conveys the company identity of helping people find good fortune. With its new centerpiece, the Beverly Hills app designer just had… a lucky day. 

A Memorable Centerpiece for Your Office

Impress clients, inspire workers, and solidify your brand identity with a lobby sign. In competitive scenes such as the startup and tech scene in and around LA, a distinct look and style is necessary to get ahead of the rest. That’s how the most successful companies do it, transcending their products so their brand symbols become iconic landmarks in the social and cultural scenery. 

You want the mere sight of your brand to be instantly recognizable, showing your company’s purpose and character. This is why quality signage is a must. The physical installments – indoor or outdoor – ought to be up to par. 

So, need an impeccable centerpiece for your lobby? Contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Company

Lucky Day is an app designer specializing in bringing luck to people’s pockets. And, more importantly, it is a diverse team of creative people doing what they love. Every member is valued for what they bring to the table.