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Our Favorite Customers: Granada Hills Charter High School

A favorite school sign customer of ours, Granada Hills Charter High School. Their teachers and staff have shifted to teaching remotely and their students have been up to the challenge. Moreover, GHC sophomores have been providing meals to medical workers in the San Fernando Valley. It’s very delightful to hear such news.

Keep On Going, Keep On Growing

Crises and lockdowns will not get in the way of the learning and educational processes. Somehow, some way, teachers will find a way to teach. And students will continue studying. It is only natural for people to continue on, despite adversities. The human mind is built to learn, and to share knowledge. By its nature it rejects stagnation.

At the same time, communities, schools and individuals are doing their part to reduce exposure risks. Some, such as the previously mentioned sophomores, are also pitching in on relief efforts. So we can see how we as a society, composed of individuals young and old alike, will overcome the challenges facing us. Together. And come out of it better, as we have adapted and continued learning and growing.

We can’t wait to see our friends again. Like Granada Hills Charter High School, and other places of education. And our other clients.

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See you soon!

About the Client

Granada Hills Charter High School is focused on providing students with a positive environment centered on their needs. In terms of academic and practical skills, as well as cultivating attitudes that will help them attain success in life. Moreover, these will help them continue on growing and learning even after they’ve left the campus. In their own words, “We pledge our resources to create a school where all students are actively engaged in the process of learning in a multicultural, multilingual setting.