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Front Lit Channel Letters for BeverlyCare in Montebello

These are the front lit channel letters with acrylic lettering we fabricated and installed for BeverlyCare at the Kelpien Center in Montebello. With these, the non-profit clinic will be more visible and can attract more patients who need their services.

Front Lit Channel Letters for Clinic Signage

Medical facilities like BeverlyCare’s clinics strive to be accessible to those who require treatment. So they must make their presence known to potential patients and sign packages can help achieve this goal. Clinic signs make these medical centers more prominent, highlighting the business or non-profit’s brand to raise awareness for their cause, and display information on the services they provide. Additionally, front lit signs are visible day in and day out when positioned at a vantage point can be seen from far away. With illuminated signs like these, clinics like BeverlyCare can help more people.

As a sign company in Los Angeles, a highly competitive area, we know businesses and non-profits alike need to stand out – and signage can help them do this. Thinking of an outdoor sign for your medical establishment? Or maybe a more comprehensive exterior sign package to fulfill all your branding needs?  Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

BeverlyCare is an independent not-for-profit community clinics network providing high quality and accessible medical care to the communities it serves.