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Giant Banner Sign for CTDI in Fontana

This is the giant banner sign we created for CTDI in Fontana. This building banner makes their brand logo visible over a great distance and makes their building stand out more.

Go Big with a Giant Banner Sign Package

Building banners are ideal if you want to quickly and conveniently install enormous signage. They can be created sooner than other signs of equivalent size. Plus placing them on the building is also easier. In no time you will have a gigantic sign dominating the frontage of your building. Additionally, since these banners are easy to install, they can also be replaced when needed. This makes them excellent stopgap or temporary signs, occupying the space while the permanent signs are still being fabricated. If your business has just moved in to a new location, then going for custom banners is a great idea. This will make your brand prominent while you add the final touches to the location. When the permanent signs are ready, simply replace the banners. They can even be stored for future use.

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About the Client

CTDI specializes in the communications, mobility and consumer devices service industries. They focus on forward and reverse logistics, with industry-leading testing technology and repair/refurbishment services.