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Lexan Monument Sign Insert for Westminster Adoption Group and Services

Potential owners: adopt, don’t shop! And with this Lexan monument sign insert, Westminster Adoption Group and Services can spread the message and make their organization more visible. This sign will help WAGS Pet Adoption’s Westminster location reach more people interested in pet shelter and pet adoption services.

Quick and Convenient Signage: Lexan Monument Sign Insert Package

Monument signs can utilize slots for inserts that can be easily swapped or replaced. For this purpose, Lexan inserts are ideal as the material uses polycarbonate, thermoplastic polymers that are lightweight yet durable. These make them excellent for outdoor signage purposes where they will have to stay pristine-looking while withstanding weather, wear and tear, and even accidents.

Lexan inserts function similarly to light box and pylon sign inserts. Likewise, if the business is rebranding or adopting a seasonal motif, these sign inserts can be replaced. Previous inserts can be stored for future use as well. Switching up signs will keep the brand fresh. When part of a wider sign package, these sign inserts can be made as part of a set, which will ensure the consistency of their appearance and material quality.

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About the Client

WAGS Pet Adoption shelters and cares for companion animals, fights animal cruelty, rescues pets, and has animals for adoption.