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Make Corridors Interesting, Decorate ‘Em With Hallway Signs

Before customers, clients or employees enter your office and see your shiny lobby sign, chances are they have to go through a hallway or two. So why not transform these spaces by decorating them with hallway signs? This can make surroundings appear interesting, visually stimulating and even build anticipation for when they enter the lobby and see your reception area sign. The corridor decorations can also have a motif that compliments the rest of your business’ branding.

Hallway Signs Compliment Office Signage

Corridors that are bland or bare and undecorated will have the opposite effect, boring people rather than building anticipation. For those who come by regularly, the experience can get monotonous. So add some color and interesting designs or motifs to these spaces with signage and decoration. These can be part of a greater office sign package. Moreover, they can come in colors and patterns akin to the business or organization’s branding. With these, the brand identity is reinforced and made more visible without necessarily plastering the logo all over the place. Signage and decoration can be subtle, after all.  And they can make a place more interesting visually, so people can have a more pleasant experience passing through the hall or corridor in question.

Consider including corridor and hall signage in your office sign package. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.