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MaxMetal Parking Lot Sign for Back 2 Health Physical Therapy in Los Angeles

This is the MaxMetal parking lot sign we fabricated and installed for Back 2 Health Physical Therapy in Los Angeles. With this sign, finding parking space an easier process for the facility’s patients as they arrive for their therapy and treatment sessions. It specifies that unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense and cites the ordinance for this.¬†

Make Parking More Convenient with a Durable Maxmetal Parking Lot Sign

The struggle to find adequate parking space can be a time consuming process. Especially for patients of clinics, health centers, hospitals and the like who already have other things to worry about. With a parking sign, an establishment can designate specific areas or slots dedicated for their customers. This will give them an easier time and improve their customer experience, as well as help them avoid being late for their appointments.

As outdoor signs, these displays must be durable. That is why we utilized MaxMetal, an aluminum composite made of two panels of aluminum bonded to an inner core of solid polyethylene. This means each piece will weigh lighter without compromising durability. With this material, a sign can withstand weather, wear and tear, temperature extremes and stay pristine looking for a long time.

Make parking more convenient for your customers with signage. For a free sign quote reach out to your trusted sign company in the Los Angeles area. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana. Also serving San Fernando Valley, Pomona, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

About the Client

Back 2 Health Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of care for optimal results for the local community.