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Lightbox Inserts for Executive Car Leasing in West Hollywood

More signage for Executive Car Leasing in West Hollywood! This time, it’s lightbox inserts that highlight the ECL building itself. This backs up the establishment’s new pylon sign inserts. All in all, they’re sure to give the company even more visibility than before. 

From Pylon Signs to Lightbox Inserts

An establishment needs the whole package to get the job done. A bright pylon sign with fresh inserts like ECL’s is great, standing tall and bright, but it still can’t go at it alone. To really boost brand exposure, a sign package should have more.

Enter lightbox signs. They’re great for the storefront or the side of the building. These highlight the establishment itself, after the other signs draw the gazes of passersby and guide them into the premises, where they’ll quickly become customers. Of course, the interior needs reception and lobby signs as well to seal the deal.

All these elements will complement each other and really elevate the brand. When the signs are seen by passersby, they’ll be remembered. And when those passersby need that particular service, they’ll be sure to recall those signs and come back as customers.

So, looking for a comprehensive sign package from our San Fernando-based sign company? Inquire now!

About the Client

Executive Car Leasing & Sales was founded in 1954, which makes it the oldest and largest independent leasing company in California. It has offices in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Culver City.