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Momentum's new pavement monument sign in Thousand Oaks

Momentum’s Monument Signs | Thousand Oaks

Monument Signs for Momentum

We’re thrilled to announce our latest project: custom monument signs for Momentum! Our design team worked hard to create signage that truly represents the organization’s brand and mission, becoming a beacon of hope for those passing by. Our installation team did an excellent job setting up the lightbox monument signs on the pavement outside Momentum. These signs are illuminated and built to last, perfect for outdoor use. They’ll shine bright at night, helping commuters identify the organization from afar. Entrance signs are crucial features that inform and direct arrivals, and we’re proud to have helped Momentum with theirs.


Momentum is a remarkable nonprofit organization that empowers children and adults with disabilities and medical conditions to live independently. Founded over 75 years ago by dedicated parents and volunteers in Los Angeles, the organization has grown significantly. They’ve expanded their services to Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Counties through the addition of WORK, Inc. in 2001, and even have a global reach through Wheels for Humanity. Momentum operates over 30 programs and service sites, making them the largest nonprofit provider of direct-care services for adults in Southern California. We’re honored to have played a part in their journey.


Lightbox Monument Signs

Momentum’s new Lightbox Monument Signs are quite impressive! Each sign measures 4 feet by 8 feet, and they have two of them. They’re made of digitally printed white Lexan material, ensuring a clear and crisp appearance that will last for years to come. The size and material used make the signs stand out and easily visible to passing traffic, helping Momentum gain more recognition and support for its noble cause. The signs are also designed to be durable and long lasting, making them an excellent investment for the organization. We’re confident that the Lightbox Monument Signs will help Momentum achieve its goal of enhancing the independence and productivity of individuals with disabilities and medical conditions

Monument sign for Momentum in Thousand Oaks
A Landmark Monument sign for Momentum in Thousand Oaks

Increasing Visibility and Establishing a Strong Brand Presence

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Momentum's new monument sign in Thousand Oaks
Momentum’s new pavement monument sign in Thousand Oaks

Get Your Monument signs

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