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Acrylic Lobby Sign for Kole Imports in Carson, South Bay

Businesses and firms need to look smart to impress customers and clients. Hence Kole Imports hired us to create and install their lobby sign. The laser cut acrylic lobby sign with custom Pantone-matched colors is certainly visually impressive and will help put the Carson, South Bay company on the map!

Upgrade Your Office with an Acrylic Lobby Sign

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For the workforce, the sight of a good sign representing the company can also help with the morale. It will cement the notion that they’re part of the team, by giving that team a symbol. For entrepreneurs and business owners, seeing their brand logo represented by a lobby sign is also a point of pride. It is the embodiment of their continued success!

That’s what business signs can do for you and your brand. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Kole Imports is among the nation’s largest importers of general merchandise, selling wholesale goods and closeout. Family owned and managed since 1985.