You are currently viewing Night Shot of Halo Lit Channel Letters for Home at Last in Los Angeles

Night Shot of Halo Lit Channel Letters for Home at Last in Los Angeles

A night time picture of the halo lit channel letters we made for Home At Last. This brings out the best look of the  Los Angeles social services’ illuminated sign and shows how quality signage can put your establishment on the map.

Turn Night Time into a Branding Advantage with Halo Lit Channel Letters

When it is dark, things are naturally harder to see, including outdoor signs. But with illuminated signage, they will stand out even more, And when they are well designed, they will surpass the competition and make other displays fade into the background.

So with illuminated exterior signs you have a display that is visible day in and day out. That can transform and become even more aesthetically appealing when the sun goes down. A sign package with a variety of illuminated signs can also complement non-illuminated signs in the vicinity, amplifying their combined effect. This makes them ideal building signs and storefront signs.

Want to make your brand stand out? Consider illuminated signs. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Home At Last provides complimentary social work services to at risk youth in south Los Angeles.