You are currently viewing Halo Lit Channel Letters for Home at Last in Los Angeles

Halo Lit Channel Letters for Home at Last in Los Angeles

This is a day shot of our halo lit channel letters for Home At Last.  With this building sign, the Los Angeles social services’ office will be more visible. And since this is an illuminated sign, it can be seen 24/7. Even without the lights on it looks great!

Maximize Visibility with Halo Lit Channel Letters

When it comes to storefront signs, illuminated displays are hard to match as they can give visibility to brands day in and day out. They can be seen from further away which is a definite plus when it comes to branding. So channel letters with halo lit features are a definite advantage for brands that want to stand apart from the competition. When employed as part of a greater sign package, halo-lit signage amplifies the other displays as well. So it has a complimentary effect as its design and even its placement will factor in the other displays. That is another benefit of signage provided by a single sign company as a package.

Other advantages include uniform style, quality of material and condition, as well as the reliability of the lighting and electrical components as exterior signs will be subject to weather, wear and tear and such factors.

Plus illuminated channel letters made by a seasoned sign company has the advantage of looking great even before the lights are turned on!

Don’t fade into the background, use illuminated signage!  Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Home At Last provides complimentary social work services to at risk youth in south Los Angeles.