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How Outdoor Signs and Indoor Signs Work Together

So you’ve got a big and shiny monument sign installed. Awesome! But if you’re banking on that single outdoor sign to draw in more customers… then you might want to reevaluate your signage strategy. A single sign can only do so much, so you’ll still need an entire set, including indoor signs. Here we’ll show you why that’s so and explain the synergistic effect of signage:

Drawing Customers from the Outside In

crunch fitness, gym sign, banners, channel letters, dimensional letters, outdoor signSignage is like laying a trail of breadcrumbs. There has to be a payoff at the destination. So the aforementioned monument sign is impressive, attracting passersby and making your driveway look great. But what about the rest of your building? If the walls are just bare, then the impression your monument sign makes on a customer might wear off when they’ve driven past it and arrived at your establishment.

If you don’t want to lose the effect, you could employ more outdoor signs, such as:

  • Building signs
  • Light boxes
  • Pylon signs
  • Dimensional letters
  • Painted murals for the walls
  • Window graphics

These should be utilized in intelligent combinations that match the layout of the building and the location, and the kind of reach you are looking for. As well as the kind of business you’re running. A pylon sign will have a longer reach than window graphics.

Going In

interior signs, acrylic signs, lobby signs, back drop signs, photography sign, set signs, sign companies, dimensional logoAnd even then, the job’s not yet done. Your building isn’t a bare concrete cube, great job, but what about the customers’ experience when they enter your establishment? You want a lobby that’s memorable, a workplace that has soul, you want to engage the customers and – most importantly – impress your brand upon them.

So this is where indoor signs come in:

  • Lobby signs will drive home your business’ identity by displaying the brand logo as a centerpiece.
  • Directory signs will orient them of the premises’ layout and show them the way.
  • Braille and tactile features show you are inclusive and considerate of those in need.
  • Wall art and painted murals make the background stimulating, whether it’s an office, place of learning or restaurant.

Use them as needed. And, of course, just as a business can’t rely on just an outdoor sign, having all the indoor signs in the world won’t help if there are no outdoor signs to bring the customers there in the first place.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Signs

high-end signage, custom sign, outdoor business sign, metal sign, window graphics, vinyl lettering, Beverly Hills, cheryl saban designsThe entirety of these signs will have an effect that’s far more measurable than just simply adding up the individual components. It’s synergistic and relies on the right combination, depending on the proper context: the brand and business’ style, the location, and such considerations.

This is where employing tried and tested sign makers comes in. The right combination of high quality signs will bring out the desired effect. Whereas low-grade signage will give customers second thoughts!

So don’t go for half-measures. Contact our San Fernando-based sign company and get the business signage you deserve!