You are currently viewing Oversized Vinyl Window Graphic for Los Angeles Film School

Oversized Vinyl Window Graphic for Los Angeles Film School

Our work for Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood continues with the installment of this oversized vinyl window graphic. Banners aren’t the only thing we can oversize. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s colorful and classy! Such an attention-grabbing outdoor sign is perfect for a school of future movie makers.

Go Big with Oversized Signs!

Want to be visible? Then go big! Of course, sign quality is still the main concern and a proper sign-maker will guarantee a top-notch sign. But size does matter and a sign company with a complete set of services will include supersized signs. An oversized banner? Or oversized vinyl window graphic? We got ’em. So contact us if you want to take your premium sign up another level!

About the client

The LA Film School is an institute devoted to preparing the next generation of creative professionals bound for the entertainment industry. They offer degrees in fields such as Film, Audio, Animation, Music, Graphic Design and Entertainment Business. This is the first step towards a future in Hollywood!