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Parker Meggitt Monument Sign Los Angeles

Elevating Aviation Company Image: Premium Sign Solutions’ Monument Success Story


Do you need a monument sign? Are you an aviation company, or perhaps an aviation parts supplier, wondering if it’s time to upgrade your shop’s image? Do you feel the need to be discovered by fresh eyes in the aerospace industry? If so, you’re not alone. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Monumental Signage Transformation: See how Premium Sign Solutions elevated Parker Meggitt’s image.


  • Aviation Exposure Boost: Discover how Roof signs, monument signs, and more enhance visibility.


  • Expert Signage Insights: Get answers to common questions about aviation signage.


  • Elevate Your Brand: Take action today to transform your business with premium signage.


Many businesses face the same challenge, but the good news is there’s a solution. Welcome to Premium Sign Solutions, where we specialize in crafting transformative signage solutions that elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

Monument and Roof Sign - Elegance in Steel and Acrylic
Monument and Roof Sign – Elegance in Steel and Acrylic


Partnering with Parker Meggitt

At Premium Sign Solutions, we understand the importance of collaboration with our clients. Our recent collaboration with Parker Meggitt, a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies, exemplifies the power of partnership. We worked closely with Parker Meggitt to understand their unique story, style, and the driving force behind their mission.


Outdoor Roof Sign - Aviation Brilliance
Roof Sign – Aviation Brilliance


Designing the Monument Sign and All

One of the standout features of our project with Parker Meggitt was the variety of signage we implemented. From Roof signs to monument signs, lobby signs, wall wraps, and multiple acrylic panel installations, we left no stone unturned. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable installations.


  • Roof Sign: At a generous 4ft x 16ft, the Roof sign for Parker Meggitt showcases aviation brilliance to the world. Crafted from durable aluminum, it features custom Pantone coloring and 3M high-performance decals. This sign is a beacon for the skies, capturing attention from far and wide.


  • Monument Sign: The monument sign, measuring approximately 36in x 72in x 12in, marries steel and acrylic elegance. With stainless steel sides, router acrylic letters, and a sophisticated black finish, it stands as a distinctive landmark, proudly displaying the Parker Meggitt logo and division name.


  • Lobby Sign: The lobby sign, though size unspecified, exudes welcoming elegance. Its design and materials harmonize with the brand’s style, making it an inviting centerpiece for visitors and a testament to Parker Meggitt’s commitment to excellence.


  • Wall Wrap: Spanning an impressive 9 foot x 17 foot .7 in multiple panels, the wall wrap immerses visitors in Parker Meggitt’s world. Made from premium vinyl, it adorns the interior, showcasing the company’s journey, achievements, and future aspirations.


  • Acrylic Panel Installations: Precision and clarity define the acrylic panels, each sized at 42 inches x 59.75 inches. These panels feature direct sub-surface printing, flood white backers, and precise router cutting, highlighting Parker Meggitt’s commitment to quality and innovation.


Wall Wrap - Showcasing Excellence
Wall Wrap – Showcasing Excellence


The Benefits of Aviation Signage

For an aviation company like Parker Meggitt, these signs were more than just aesthetics; they were strategic assets. The Roof sign, monument sign, lobby sign, wall wrap, and acrylic panels all played a crucial role in enhancing Parker Meggitt’s visual exposure and brand recognition.


Acrylic Panels- Premium Sign Solutions
Acrylic Panels- Premium Sign Solutions


Answering Aviation Companies’ Questions about a Monument Sign 

As experts in signage, we often come across frequently asked questions from aviation companies considering similar installations. In this section, we address these questions to provide clarity and guidance.


Lobby Sign - Welcoming Elegance
Lobby Sign – Welcoming Elegance


Final Thoughts on Monument Signs 

In conclusion, the success story of Parker Meggitt’s transformation through our signage solutions demonstrates the impact of premium signage on a company’s image and visibility. If you’re ready to take your aviation business to new heights, don’t hesitate to contact Premium Sign Solutions for tailored signage that speaks volumes.


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Acrylic Panel - Precision and Clarity
Acrylic Panel – Precision and Clarity