Outdoor Wayfinding Signs for Bexel in San Fernando Valley

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More in the Bexel series – their enormous warehouse in San Fernando Valley has a parking lot that lines the entire perimeter of the building on all 4 sides. When you arrive on site, it’s not easy to know which way to go. So our outdoor wayfinding signs help guide the way. They’re made of metal for durability with full color prints for branding and appearances. Continue reading “Outdoor Wayfinding Signs for Bexel in San Fernando Valley”

Parking Lot Sign Packages

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Don’t overlook the humble parking lot sign. Building owners and property managers – what’s the first thing tenants, perspective tenants and building visitors see when they first arrive to your property? The parking lot! A nicely landscaped, well lit and easy to understand lot is the hallmark of any building of quality.

So when it comes to your business signs, don’t put the cheapest possible signs out – pleasantly guide traffic through the lot to where they need to park, walk, arrive and exit. Not only are such property signs necessary and useful, they’ll also help your brand make a good impression among customers, visitors and tenants.

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Metal Wayfinding Signs for Casa Gatewayin Pacific Palisades

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Part of our sign package, we created a variety of metal wayfinding signs to adorn the parking lots, driveways and walking paths of Casa Gateway. So these help guide visitors to the Pacific Palisades community and establish where people may and may not park. This package also includes the monument sign we made for them, as described in our previous post.

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