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Pole Sign for French Florist in Los Angeles

We fabricated and installed 2 additional faces on French Florist’s pole sign. These accompany the lightbox sign we previously made for the Los Angeles flower delivery service.

Get The Perfect View…

…for your brand. With a pole sign, your lightbox and pylon displays will have the perfect vantage points they need for more visibility. Potential customers can see your signage from far and wide. This can be a real difference maker particularly in crowded areas. An ordinary, ground-level business sign might not be as visible. Likewise, if it’s really competitive with rival establishments’ signage blocking out the view. As the saying goes: “when they go low, we go high.

Moreover, as they are illuminated business signs, they will be view-able day in and day out. At night the height and the brightness will compliment each other and will be even more advantageous in terms of branding. So go high and bright with your branding!

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About the Client

French Florist is a flower delivery service in Los Angeles, offering same-day delivery of their artistic and expressive flower arrangements. Moreover, it’s the choice of the entertainment industry and stars since 1978.