You are currently viewing Pot Leaf and Parachute Neon Sign for Jungle Boys in Los Angeles

Pot Leaf and Parachute Neon Sign for Jungle Boys in Los Angeles

Neon is fantastic way to enhance the look of anything. A timeless icon in the sign industry, a neon sign can add a classic look to any environment. For Jungle Boys, we added neon lighting for the pot leaf and parachute wall art. Now the Los Angeles establishment looks cooler than ever!

This is the latest installment that began with neon testing for their mural, and a neon sign for text that read “Topanga Canyon.”

A Neon Sign for All Seasons

Whether it is for a classic looking restaurant, cafe or a new cannabis store like Jungle Boys, a neon sign will do the trick. It adds to the ambiance with its glow. In the case of Jungle Boys, it compliments their wall art well, giving the environment a psychedelic vibe. For restaurants and cafes, neon signage can have a different effect, giving them a vintage look. Such is the versatility of this type of signage.

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About the Client

The Jungle Boys is a group of Los Angeles-based growers of high quality cannabis. They have been spreading their know-how and insights with the community since 2006.