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Premium Birthday Solutions

Fun fact! Over 40% of our staff were born in September. So cheers to our sales maestro David, our production wizard Christian, and our project wrangling master Stephanie. Happy birthday, everyone!

Happy Birthday Folks!

This gives us a great reason to bond together as a team and celebrate our friends’ birthdays. And it’s not just an excuse to goof off. After all, this connection we share is crucial to how small business work, it is the edge we’ve got on bigger, more impersonal organizations. It helps us work better and smarter in the sign-making field. This is genuine bond is also something we build with our clients. So while it can’t be quantified in a spreadsheet, the intangible value is still priceless.

Oh, and aside from celebrating birthdays, we also make rocking birthday signs. So contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries. We’ll put our cake aside and get on it.