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Promote Local Culture, Communities and Businesses with Outdoor Signs

Signs go beyond helping businesses promote their brands. They can do this on a larger scale as well, for entire communities. Outdoor signs can help give a visibility boost to local culture and the scene, helping the  homegrown economy by putting it on the map. 

Outdoor Signs Promote Communities

acrylic plaques, pylon sign, sign updates, sign repairs, sign removal, encino, plaques, outdoor sign, chamber of commerceVisual symbols can help people develop a sense of community and take pride of being part of something greater. Moreover, it can also show visitors and travelers that they are in a cultural or business hot spot. Signage can help promote hole in the walls, local brands and the like by putting them on the map.

So such signs can show how the bustling community is warm and welcoming to all. As stated in The Harvard Gazette‘s article on the cultural significance of signage:

“…they should authentically represent the possibility inherent in our present moment and encourage the sense of welcome and belonging each of us needs to feel seen, heard, and able to thrive.”

– Dean Claudine Gay

West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce is one of our favorite customers and the community they represent is close to our hearts, embodied by the Welcome to Woodland Hills sign.Like our work with the  Encino Chamber of Commerce and the West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce. During those occasions our signs were part of a community-wide branding strategy to make the locales appear even more appealing. And the participation of the chambers of commerce shows that local establishments really benefited from this. Like the saying goes, all for one and one for all.

So, looking for the right kind of signage to promote your brand or beautify your community? You’ve come to the right place. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.