You are currently viewing Pylon Inserts for Wittmore and Surfing Cowboys in Malibu

Pylon Inserts for Wittmore and Surfing Cowboys in Malibu

Check out the pylon inserts we installed for Wittmore and Surfing Cowboys in Malibu Village. Now their brands will be all the more visible, with great lighting and vantage points.

Need Additional Pylon Inserts?

So you’re a tenant and want to put your brand out there. Or you are a property manager who wants to do right by your tenants. In these cases, pylon signs and pylon inserts are ideal for promoting businesses and drawing in customers. Likewise in places with high traffic volume, such lightbox signage can attract passersby with their brightness and great vantage points. So they’re just what the doctor ordered, business sign-wise.

With pylon sign inserts, one of their advantages is that they can be quickly and easily replaced. So if you’re holding sales or want to share special messages or display seasonal themes, you can just swap inserts. Voila!

Couple your pylon signage with a comprehensive sign package then you’ll have everything you need to truly impress customers.

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About the Client

Malibu Village has a collection of local and national tenants that provide a lovely mix of activities, shopping and services.

Surfing Cowboys is a purveyor of beach culture and California lifestyle. Clothing, accessories, furniture, furnishings, art and more, they’ve got it. And, of course, surfing and skating gear.

Wittmore is a modern store offering men clean, smartly edited clothing, accessories and grooming products.