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Pylon Sign Insert for Catch Surf in Malibu

Our sign package for Catch Surf includes a pylon sign insert. It is for their light box, which is visible day in an day out. So it shows customers the way to their store in Malibu and compliments their halo letter storefront sign

Pylon Sign Insert + Light Box Sign = Brand Visibility

Show off your brand, let customers see it far and wide, day in and day out. How? With a pylon insert for a lightbox sign. If your store isn’t by the road, then passersby might not see your storefront sign. So draw them in with a pylon insert + light box sign combo that’s optimally positioned and visible from afar. Then they’ll know where to go and arrive at your establishment, whereupon they’ll be wowed by its outdoor signs.

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About the Client

Catch Surf provides surfboards, wet suits and beach apparel for men, women and children, gear and accessories, and more!