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Pylon Sign Update for Malibu Village

From time to time, our friends in Malibu Village ask for a pylon sign update. Freshening it up to continue projecting a new, upscale beach feel. With the year coming to a close, we recreated the former Malibu Theater movie marquee so that the building managers can offer welcome messages to the people of Malibu.

Keep Your Branding Fresh with a Pylon Sign Update

Pylon Signs are not only visible with the combination of illumination and vantage point, they can also be easily updated. Panels, or inserts, can be swapped out or replaced with fresh ones. So if your tenants are changing, or if they’re updating their logos, or you want to send a message or display seasonal themes or fresh branding, then consider updating your pylon sign inserts. These are so convenient!

Pylon signs and lightbox signs are an advertiser’s best friend. With these you can display advertisements or messages in a way that’s almost as easy as custom banners. At the same time, the signs will stay neater and last longer than banners that are made of flimsier stuff that can be affected by the elements. This is a major consideration with outdoor signs.

So when it comes to business signs, definitely consider pylon signs. They have so much to offer. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Malibu Village is a retail center that provides numerous amenities at an idyllic creek-side location.