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Channel Letters Sign Timer for Higher Standards in Malibu

Outdoor illuminated signs are required by the city to be on a timer per city code. Often a sign timer already exists from a previous tenant but if no timer is in place, our team can install a sign timer for you too like we did for Higher Standards in Malibu. Now their halo-lit channel letters will comply with local ordnance and reduce electricity costs.

Meet Regulations, Reduce Costs with a Sign Timer

Operating illuminated signage outdoors? Save yourself the trouble of manually turning them on or shutting them down. With sign timers you can set it so that your illuminated exterior signs automatically turn on and off at predetermined hours. So with this, neighbors won’t complain about the brightness if you forget to shut it off. Especially if it’s still running at midnight. Likewise, you’ll also meet local regs in places like Malibu which require sign timers.

This feature is a major convenience. After all, exterior illuminated signs like channel letters, lightbox signs, pylon signs and others are designed to be bright and visible. That’s their main advantage. But like everything the key is moderation. Leaving signs lit at late night can count as light pollution. And think about your electric bill.

Consider sign timers for your illuminated displays. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

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High Standards provides connoiseseurs with what they need to have the most elevated smoking experience.