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‘Tis the Season for Oversized Lexan Signage

And this isn’t even the biggest one we’ve made this week! If your business needs a fresh lightbox or a new face for an old sign we have you covered. We’ve got the lexan signage for you!

Go Big With Lexan Signage

A lightbox is as visible as signage can get. Especially if it’s on a pole, giving it a good vantage point. Going big with that kind of signage means your brand will be seen from quite a distance. Illuminated signage also means it’ll be seen day in and day out.

But this also means that you’ve got to keep the face fresh and well maintained. Otherwise, any cracks or damages will likewise be seen from afar and that won’t leave a good impression on potential customers. So you should keep your storefront sign as pristine as possible!

Stay On Top Of Your Sign Game

Need a lightbox? Got a worn down sign in need of replacing? Or looking for new lightbox inserts? Contact us so we can make the signage to your specifications!