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Photo Op and Selfie Magnet Signs to Boost Brand Visibility

Audience engagement is a key element in successful signage. After all, who doesn’t want their branding featured in photo ops and selfies posted in social media? Your customers are literally doing your advertising for you! And for lean operations, its part of the guerrilla tactics we previously talked about. So here are the types of signs that can serve as selfie magnets: 

Clever, Photogenic Types of Signs

In truth, just about any kind of sign can be a great subject for photo ops and selfies. As long as the image strikes a chord with the intended audience. We are living in the “Selfie Generation,” and even grandparents can take decent selfies with their smartphones these days. Still, the following are signs designed for the purpose, and some even have interactive elements.

Cut Outs

Custom Cut Out & Backdrop, Engel & Volkers in EncinoThese are great fun, the kids love them, along with couples and the young at heart. They are perfect for expos, festivals and trade shows. People can pose by them or stick their heads through face cutout boards. And they can also add fun to the workplace, as office signs don’t need to be so formal and having these can entertain customers, job applicants, the employees themselves and their family and kids who may be visiting.

Pop-Up Banners

pop-up banner, banner, movie banner, movie poster

Similar to the cutouts, a well-designed pop-up banner can make for excellent backdrops for impromptu photo ops (and they’re easy to move around). If it’s good, whether it’s a favorite movie, a favorite product or a really stunning image, then people will want to snap a selfie with it.

Innovative Trade Show Displays

custom trade show booth, trade show sign, cosmetic signage, foam cutout, full color signs, expo signs, convention signs, sign makers, sign companies, chatsworth, fair, concert, convention, expoWe like plugging our work with Melt, but the fact of the matter is trade shows and expos are one way for a business to really make an impact. A good showing in these events, with all the savvy audiences around, can make all the difference particularly for enterprises that are just starting out.

Make An Awesome Photobooth

sign makers, sign company, tarzana, san fernando valley, lobby signs, holiday signage, event signs, dimensional signs, metal signs, holiday signs, photoboothPeople like posing for pictures, and clever signage can leverage this to boost a business’ brand visibility. “Selfie signs” can be an affordable way for a startup or small business to stick out from the competition. And, of course, these colorful and entertaining displays can add to the festivities and make for a swell time.

So, need a clever, selfie-prone sign for an event, show or your workplace? Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries!