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Sign Repair for Cup and Cone in Woodland Hills

You aren’t imagining things, and we aren’t recycling content! Soon after our installation of the new Cup and Cone sign it was badly damaged, requiring our sign repair services. So here it is again the new-new Cup and Cone sign!

Sign Repair Services for Unexpected Damage

You can never foresee what will happen. Freak accidents, the forces of nature, mistakes due to positioning or traffic, and even intentional acts of vandalism, these can all damage a sign. In the case of Cup and Cone, this is the third time we’ve had to replace their storefront sign because of accidental impacts with trucks. 

Such incidents are very unfortunate, but businesses can’t leave their signs looking damaged – that won’t look good for their brands. So with our repair services, your signage will be restored to their original and impeccable state while you make your insurance claims.

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About the Client

Cup and Cone serves small homemade batches of ice cream daily in their store. The ingredients are fresh and sourced from local markets and supplies. It’s delightful!