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Spring Cleaning and Shop Renovation

Spring cleaning isn’t just about making a place look good. Tidying up is an important part of keeping a workplace productive. After all, an organized production department is an efficient one. Whereas a cluttered workplace results in inefficiencies and even hazards. No one wants to trip on a loose power tool. 

Spring Cleaning with Marco

Marco has been hard at work cleaning up the shop and doing some construction on the side. An organized workshop helps the crew maintain an organized work process, which helps keep everyone’s mindsets organized. It also helps decrease stress, since the act of cleaning and being in a clean workplace is quite therapeutic. Working in a cluttered garage can be a headache and makes finding equipment much more difficult. There’s nothing like a workplace that you can be proud of, that you can show to your clients. One that has enough space to have a BBQ in, too!

We take care of our people, so we prioritize workplace safety. It wouldn’t be good if we neglected that while making safety signs for our clients. If you need a workplace safety sign for your own establishment, go ahead and contact us. You can be guaranteed that we know what we’re doing.

Maintaining Quality

Staying organized and keeping the workplace safe is just one of the few things we do to keep on top of sign industry standards. It’s how we can ensure the quality of our services as a sign company. Just like how, as sign makers, we have to keep on honing the art and craft of creating signage.