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Aliso Creek Pocket Park Sign

Check out this new park sign we made for Aliso Creek Pocket Park and the Northridge Chamber of Commerce. Parks are an important part of the community, a place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle. They also need proper signage to mark out the territory and inform people who maintain it. A pristine sign is also subtle encouragement to parkgoers to keep the very land pristine. Like the saying goes, take nothing but pictures and leave behind nothing but footprints.

A Park Sign Helps the Community

Pocket parks are important public spaces that can’t be taken for granted. They’re islands of green in urban spaces and can be very welcomed sights for urbanites. The greenery also helps the environment by absorbing emissions.

A park sign emphasizes the place’s presence, makes it more visible to the public and draws them in. It also mentions those who support the initiative, such as the Northridge Chamber of Commerce and the Northridge South Neighborhood Council and surrounding community. This emphasizes the groups’ contributions to helping both the park and the greater community. This still counts as branding, even if it isn’t for a business or an establishment. It can also reinforce other eco-friendly initiatives in the area. Little efforts like these do add up and can help improve towns and cities.

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About the Client

The Northridge Chamber of Commerce provides business programs and services that give entrepreneurs opportunities to enhance their enterprises while contributing to the economic growth of the community in which they engage in commerce.