Storefront Holiday Graphics for MG Skinner and Associates in Los Angeles

The holidays are coming and MG Skinner & Associates have certainly gotten ready! Premium Sign Solutions provided the firm’s Los Angeles office with a storefront holiday graphics package made of custom hand-painted holiday window art. The graphics package covers more than 20 exterior windows with artwork painted and designed by Premium Sign Solutions.

Four windows feature Santa Claus driving a train laden with presents, elves and the gingerbread man. Surrounding them are pine trees, falling snowflakes and a pair of mistletoe. Over them is a “Merry Christmas” greeting.

On three windows are a “Happy New Year” greeting, along with Frosty the Snowman raising his hat in celebration, accompanied by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and a gleefully skiing elf. Their background is composed of pine trees, with falling snowflakes throughout the scene.

One window has Snoopy with a Santa hat sitting by a Christmas tree.

Three windows also feature a lone farm house, several pine trees and a pickup truck carrying a pine tree, and snowflakes falling all around them as well.

All in all its a festive scene that captures the spirit of the season!

MG Skinner & Associates is an insurance provider that supports more than $12 billion in total insured value across the nation. It was founded inĀ 1979 and primarily deals with owners and operators of apartments, condominiums and commercial real estate.






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