Parking Lot Sign Packages

Don’t overlook the humble parking lot sign. Building owners and property managers – what’s the first thing tenants, perspective tenants and building visitors see when they first arrive to your property? The parking lot! A nicely landscaped, well lit and easy to understand lot is the hallmark of any building of quality.

So when it comes to your business signs, don’t put the cheapest possible signs out – pleasantly guide traffic through the lot to where they need to park, walk, arrive and exit. Not only are such property signs necessary and useful, they’ll also help your brand make a good impression among customers, visitors and tenants.


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The Elements of a Sign Site Survey

Did you know that giving a quote for a sign often requires a good amount of attention to ensure accuracy? This is why we’ll do a sign site survey. Our team will head out on site, discuss with you exactly what you’d like and what your branding looks like, among other factors. So, to inform our dear customers, we’ll explain what a site survey entails:


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Make Your Establishment a Landmark with an Iconic Sign

An iconic sign becomes an institution in the community. When asking for directions, people will use that most distinct and visible outdoor sign as a reference point instead of street names. Not only are they the easiest to see, this also means that the brands these signs belong to have imprinted themselves in the hearts and minds of the people and the community. They’ go beyond promoting businesses and are integral to the local scenery and daily life – becoming landmarks.  (more…)

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Street Corner Light Box Insert for Illuminate Hollywood in Studio City

But wait, there’s more! In addition to their building sign we also made a new street corner light box insert for  them. This ground level street signage complements the oversized light box they just deployed. Illuminate Hollywood is pulling out all the stops. And that’s why the Studio City media company stands out from the rest!


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