Window Graphics Sign Package for Pedego in Santa Monica

These side and door signs are part of our window graphics sign package for Pedego’s Santa Monica branch. They compliment the storefront window signs we made and installed for the electric bike seller, and decorate their entrance to help attract customers.

Window Graphics Sign Package for Entrance and Storefront Decorations

These door signs are part of our window graphics sign package for Pedego's Santa Monica branch and compliment the storefront signs for the electric bike seller.Entrance signs and door signs are a great way to draw customers in. When they are part of a greater sign package, they can work in conjunction with larger storefront signs. Such as other larger window graphics, or more permanent types of outdoor signs like light box and pylon signs. Entrance window graphics can work on their own too if an establishment has little space for other bigger exterior signs.

Whether these graphics are for doors, windows or other glass surfaces, they are versatile and relatively quick to manufacture and install.  They are not just restricted to exterior use, working just as well as indoor signs for lobbies, conference rooms, and other parts of the office.

Window signs can display key information like store hours or add to the look and style of the place. They can also be easily replaced if the business chooses to rebrand or adopt seasonal motifs and colors.

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About the Client

Pedego offers electric bikes with premium quality through a network of locally-owned stores to meet the needs of all people.