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Blade Signs are a Timeless Type of Storefront Sign

Blade signs are a classic type of signage that will definitely enhance storefronts. They boost brand visibility and are also space efficient compared to other types of signs. Restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and spas, and other types of businesses can make good use of this type of storefront sign.

Blade Signs, Classic and Space Efficient

This type of exterior signage takes up less wall space than standard signs, because the actual display is suspended from a pole. So even establishments that are short on wall space can get much-needed brand visibility by having a blade-type storefront sign. Additionally, these outdoor signs come in several types and styles that can suit businesses’ particular motifs.

Wooden blade signage are old-fashioned and ideal for establishments going for an old school and authentic ambiance, like cafes and restaurants.

Neon and illuminated types give establishments visibility day in and day out. The blade can also be a light box sign with swappable inserts.

Blade sign for Pearl Dragon restaurant.Custom signs are a great way for businesses to draw attention to themselves and stand out from the competition. And when these are part of a greater sign package, complimenting other exterior and interior signs, the effect is even greater.

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