Vehicle Wrap: Van Decals for Cineaire in Marina Del Rey

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Our vehicle wrap displays the eye catching logo of a company that runs on capturing eye catching shots. What could be more fitting? We applied van decals to Cineaire’s service vehicle. It gives the Marina Del Rey business a huge boost in branding visibility. As the featured photo shows, our client is also quite happy with the new look. Continue reading “Vehicle Wrap: Van Decals for Cineaire in Marina Del Rey”

Give Your Ride a Unique Look with Car Wraps

If you want to give your car a distinct look, then you can’t go wrong with car wraps!

Car wraps are a great way to decorate your ride with custom graphics to give it that unique look. Whether it’s making your personal car look fast and furious or turning a service vehicle into a moving sign to advertise your business, vehicle wraps are the way to go. We give them our Premium Sign Solutions recommendation!  Continue reading “Give Your Ride a Unique Look with Car Wraps”

F1 Racing Wrap and Decals for Universal City Nissan of Encino

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Feel the need, the need for speed? Vinyl decals and wraps on your mean machine are a great way to show off while you’re burning rubber! Premium Sign Solutions designed, printed and installed high quality car wraps on this F1 race car for Universal City Nissan at Encino. These custom car graphics look mighty impressive, don’t they? Want a vehicle wrap for your own ride? You know who to callContinue reading “F1 Racing Wrap and Decals for Universal City Nissan of Encino”

The Trick to Color Matching

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Designing signage isn’t quick and easy, even if it’s just something that can be printed quickly like stickers or vinyl wraps. It’s not just about doing some Photoshop wizardry, printing it out and viola, sticking it on the storefront. Depending on the materials being printed on, ink quality, the printer itself, and a whole bunch of factors, the results might actually look quite different than what’s on the computer. Color matching is especially tricky. That’s where a good eye and some good old-fashioned tools come in.

When it comes out of our HP 360 printer, we’ll have to see how it actually looks like since the actual thing isn’t going to be exactly the same as what you see on a computer screen. We’ll eyeball it and compare it to a Pantone color wheel. We’ll print variations of each color to see which point in the color spectrum reacts with our choice of vinyl and lamination for the job. After all, a quality sign has to look just right! 

Sometimes, if we’re following the colors of a pre-existing sign, we might use an actual physical sample of the original for comparison. We’d really prefer it if clients send us the original high resolution files, but if they’ve lost it then a simple photograph or, heavens forbid, a low-resolution one, just won’t do. Photos won’t do justice since the lighting can change how a sign looks – an indoor sign in a restaurant will look different from a lobby sign that’s brightly lit, whereas an outdoor sign under natural lightning is something else entirely.

Overlooking the details is what leads to project pitfalls that a lot do fall for.

This is why the experience of seasoned sign-makers is invaluable – especially if you’re in a highly competitive area, like Los Angeles of the San Fernando Valley region. In such scenes, you’ll want the best color combinations for sign visibility and that’s what we bring to the table: the keen eyes, attention to detail, the array of tools and techniques we can draw upon, all to meet your needs in the best way possible. There’s no substitute for quality!

Slice of Life: Arts & Crafts, Sign Maker Style

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The great thing about being a sign-maker is that if you’re into arts and crafts and love working with your hands, then you’re gonna have the time of your life. We believe that handmade is still best made, after all. Making tiny stickers for your favorite sports teams? Draping a car in an eye-catching vinyl wrap? Making cute signs that’ll be on the storefront of a boutique? How about putting graffiti on a wall… and being paid for it! Those’ll really test your creativity and your handiness.

Continue reading “Slice of Life: Arts & Crafts, Sign Maker Style”

Vehicle Lettering for Accel Builders Inc.

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Our Tarzana shop applied vehicle lettering for Accel Builders Inc. Want to have your brand seen without a stationary sign? Vehicle lettering and vinyl wraps are pretty much mobile outdoor signs, useful in the busy streets of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and the adjacent areas. They’re also useful in marking designated service vehicles and contractors’ cars.  Continue reading “Vehicle Lettering for Accel Builders Inc.”

Slice of Life: Car Wraps for Nursing Services in the San Fernando Valley

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At Premium Sign Solutions, we do more than create and install signs on or inside buildings, we also make car wraps, vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering. Most of it happens in our garage and the final process of sticking the wrap on a car is a really precise yet really hands-on one, there’s no margin for error. Pockets of air or misaligned wraps not only look bad but also have shorter lifespans than properly and tightly-applied wraps, so that’s why vinyl wraps have to be applied with tender loving care. After all… handmade is still best made in San Fernando Valley. 😉

This time, we made a car wrap for a nursing service, specifically Nurse Next Door.

Continue reading “Slice of Life: Car Wraps for Nursing Services in the San Fernando Valley”

Santa Monica Utility Box Wraps

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Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed several utility box wraps for the City of Santa Monica. These electrical box wraps display gorgeous art and designs as part of Santa Monica’s beautification effort, to catch your eye and make you want to stay. Made from 3M vinyl with UV lamination for durability, these outdoor signs use the same material and methods as our vehicle wraps. With vinyl wraps you can display artistic images and even business signs in creative ways with flexibility in location or placement – an outdoor advertising solution that makes you stand out on a busy street!

You can find more information on our wrap-installation services here.