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Clinic Window Graphics for Luna Optomtery in Calabasas

As part of our ongoing sign package, we created these clinic window graphics for Luna Optometry. It displays the clinic’s business hours and offered services. So now the Calabasas medical center has outdoor signage to go with the lobby sign we previously installed. This is great since optometrists are concerned with vision, and now Luna’s brand is more visible to patients thanks to signage.

Get the Complete Package… in terms of signage!

Got the centerpiece lobby sign your office or clinic deserves? Outstanding! Now consider pairing that indoor sign with some quality outdoor business signage to pique passersby’s attention. Draw them in and you can get more new customers. So with a sign package, you can get the ideal array of signage that will compliment each other and ensure your branding has maximum effect.

Like the clinic window graphics we made for Luna Optometry. It is the exterior counterpart of the interior signage we made for them. And the window signage’s font matches that of the brand logo, and is consistent with that of the indoor lobby sign. This is one of the benefits of a sign package, uniformity of branding and displays that convey to customers or patients that the brand has its house in order. This will boost their confidence in the establishment. Likewise, consistent branding will make the overall experience more memorable and help make the brand all the more recognizable. Which is important for businesses with multiple sites or branches.

So go for packages from a known and trusted sign maker. Choose quality in the materials designs of your installations.

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About the Client

Luna Optometry is a dedicated and caring provider of quality vision services to the Calabasas and surrounding communities.