You are currently viewing Laser Cut Acrylic Lobby Sign for Emerald Lake Capital in Los Angeles

Laser Cut Acrylic Lobby Sign for Emerald Lake Capital in Los Angeles

This laser cut acrylic lobby sign is for Emerald Lake Capital Management in Los Angeles. It is installed on to an acrylic sign panel. So now the financial service firm’s office is looking on point. This is crucial for impressing clients and high rollers!

Laser Cut Acrylic Lobby Sign, a High End Sign for a High End Brand

A precision manufactured lobby sign is a surefire way of catching the eye of clients and customers. You want your brand to convey a clean cut identity and give your office a professional air. Likewise, you want your signage to exude distinction. So it should look exceptional in terms of design as well as in material construction. The same goes for the other business signs your brand deploys, from other indoor signs within the office to outdoor ones.

People are visual creatures, and a sign that looks exceptional will plant itself in their memories. It will be part of the customer experience, reminding them that the brand, its products and services are likewise exceptional. That’s what your business deserves and you should accept nothing less!

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About the Client

Emerald Lake Capital Management is a financial service firm in Los Angeles.