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Studio Door Graphics for Shiva Yoga in West Hollywood

These are the studio door graphics we made for Shiva Yoga’s West Hollywood branch. These entrance signs greet arriving members and hype them up for their sessions. It is part of the comprehensive studio sign package we provided that encompasses a blade signwall graphics, window graphics and a building sign.

Welcome Customers with Studio Door Graphics 

Running a dance or yoga studio? Door signage is a great way to display your business’ brand and amp up your members as they enter the premises and get ready to work out. The sight of their favorite gym or studio’s logo will definitely psyche them up. And like window graphics, these door signs can transform otherwise unused glass surfaces into signage space. Aside from the brand, these graphics can also display details such as contact numbers, websites, schedules, and more.

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About the Client

Shiva Yoga focuses on the fundamentals of yoga to elevate mental and physical growth on a spiritual level. This yoga studio is led by experienced instructors striving to bring a positive change in life.