You are currently viewing Parking Lot Sign for Tulsi Spa in Studio City

Parking Lot Sign for Tulsi Spa in Studio City

This sign for Tulsi is located within the parking lot, near their front door. A parking lot sign helps show customers where to go and is a useful addition for any establishment, like the Studio City spa.

Show the Way with a Parking Lot Sign

Break the monotony of a parking lot with signage. Show customers and visitors where they should go. And if your establishment’s entrance is visible from there, the signage will highlight it for their eyes – like a beacon of hope from the tedium of finding parking space! Just like Tulsi Spa.

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About the Client

Since the 1940’s El Royale Hotel has been welcoming travelers to La La Land as well as the stars themselves. The boutique hotel focuses on the quality of services it provides its few customers, giving them an exclusive experience. It has also served as the location for films and shows through the years. Because of this, El Royale Hotel has also been preserving its history, that which gives it its distinguishing character and makes it a destination.